Equity Release South Wales

As equity release specialists in South Wales and all surrounding areas we can help you to enjoy your retirement and access money locked away in your property.

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Equity Release South Wales

Equity Release South Wales, Cardiff, Newport, Pontypridd, Bridgend & Surrounding Areas…

Everyone wants to make the most of their retirement, and it’s important to consider all of your financial options when planning the comfortable retirement you deserve. Funding for later life is becoming more of a concern, with many pensions falling short of expectations and interest on savings almost non-existent. Nowadays, people are far more active during retirement, enjoying good health and living longer.

Increasing numbers of people aged over 55 are looking towards a Lifetime Mortgage (Equity Release) as a way of securing financial stability in later life. The diverse nature of Equity Release means that it can be used to meet a range of evolving needs, while offering a combination of certainty and flexibility. The market is extremely competitive with lenders offering highly competitive interest rates, fixed for life.

A Lifetime Mortgage could help pay off an interest-only mortgage, repay unsecured personal debt or provide funds for home improvements. You could afford that dream holiday or help younger family members by providing a deposit for them to buy a house. Finding the right Lifetime Mortgage can provide the solution you’re looking for. You can choose between taking a one-off lump sum or withdrawing smaller amounts as and when you require. Repayments are voluntary, so you are not obliged to demonstrate affordability in order to secure a Lifetime Mortgage.

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Equity Release South Wales

How Equity Release Can Help You?

Go on that dream holiday?

Live a better lifestyle?

Help family members on the property ladder?

Just treat yourself to something you've always wanted!

Equity Release South Wales – About Us…

We are a family firm in Talbot Green, South Wales and specialise in Equity Release. As fully independent advisers, our clients benefit from being offered advice on the broadest range of products and services. We have over 30 years of experience in finding the most suitable solution for our clients’ needs and aspirations.

Following an initial telephone review, we will take time to consider your situation, needs and priorities. We will discuss your options face-to-face in a no obligation follow up meeting and fully explain our recommendations to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Equity Release South Wales

Lifetime Mortgages South Wales

Equity Release & Lifetime Mortgage Specialists South Wales

We offer a wide range of Lifetime Mortgage options tailored to your individual circumstances and objectives:

Interest Only

Interest Roll-up

Flexible with Drawdown


With all of our Lifetime Mortgages you retain ownership of the property and continue to live in your home until you decide to sell, move into long-term care or upon death. You do not have to make any repayments during the life of a Lifetime Mortgage. The mortgage is usually repaid from the sale of your home and any money left over will be paid to you or your beneficiaries.

We only recommend Lifetime Mortgage providers that are members of the Equity Release Council and offer a ‘no negative equity guarantee’, which means you can’t leave a mortgage debt to your family when the house is sold.

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